Posted by: crasberrysmith | March 25, 2011

From The Waiora Corporation: Study: Zeolites and Radiation

One of the most immediate concerns in a nuclear emergency is the release of radioactive iodine-131, which can be easily absorbed by the thyroid gland, and can lead to thyroid cancer.

Much has been reported about potassium iodide, which should be reserved for those facing immediate exposure. For everyone else, look to consume sea vegetables including kelp, wakame or kombu for foods that are naturally rich in iodine, which may “fill” the thyroid with healthy iodine, making it less likely to absorb radioactive iodine.
The larger and long-term concerns relate to the other radioactive elements including Cesium (Cs), Strontium (Sr), Uranium (U) and Plutonium (Pu). Unlike radioactive iodine-131, which breaks down quickly, these heavy metals linger in the body, damaging DNA for decades.

What natural mineral have nuclear scientists turned to during past nuclear disasters, including Three Mile Island and Chernobyl? A natural mineral zeolite called Clinoptilolite.
Clinoptilolite (the same type of zeolite in Natural Cellular Defense and Chava Vital Chocolate) was used to clean up water surrounding Three Mile Island.

At the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl:

* Over 500,000 tons of zeolite was dropped into the reactor to absorb radioactive metals
* Cattle were fed zeolite to help keep radioactive ions out of milk
* Zeolite “cookies” were baked for children to help reduce radioactive absorption
* When soil contaminated with Cesium and Strontium was treated with zeolite, plants growing in that soil resulted in NO uptake of Cesium or Strontium

These facts and more were presented in a paper at the 1998 National Academy of Sciences titled “La Roca Magica: Uses of Natural Zeolites in Agriculture and Industry.” Click here to see the full paper, and go to the section titled Nuclear Waste and Fallout.
The Clinoptilolite zeolite referenced in the paper is raw zeolite, which means it was not “cleaned” of toxins present in its cage-like structures, reducing absorption capacity.
The Clinoptilolite zeolite in Natural Cellular Defense (and Chava) has undergone a proprietary process, micronized (reduced in size) to get into the bloodstream, and activated so that its cages are “cleaned” for maximum absorption of heavy metals and toxins.


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